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Companion Lockout Valve 140 300 316 317 318 322 332 420 425 445

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Okay, so you went to Johnny Products and bought yourself a Johnny Bucket. Now you can scoop up dirt with your rear blade then pick it up with your Johnny Bucket. Life is good!

While trying out your newly acquired capability, you notice your rear blade goes up and down when you dump your Johnny Bucket. So, you surf over to Auxiliary Hydraulics and order a Lockout valve, install it and life is good.

Wait. You close the lockout and run your Johnny Bucket, Nice. But, when you open the lockout to run your rear blade, the Johnny Bucket is still dumping. You could disconnect one of the lines to the Johnny Bucket OR you could install the Companion Lockout Valve. When you open the lockout valve you close the companion valve. Now, your Johnny Bucket works separately from your rear blade and your rear blade works separately from your Johnny Bucket. Life is Really Good now.

To install, simply replace the male quick coupler on the appropriate implement hydraulic hose with Companion Lockout Valve.

This version of the Companion Lockout Valve is designed to be used with hydraulic hoses with a 1/4" male pipe end. For hoses terminated with an o-ring face seal fitting (X-series tractors) consider the Curl Lockout Valve.