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H3 Hydraulic Kit for John Deere 318, 322, 332

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This hydraulic kit is designed for the 318, 322 or 332 John Deere Garden Tractor. It provides an additional hydraulic circuit to either control the mower deck lift cylinder or an optional rear auxiliary kit.

This basic kit can: connect to the OEM rear hydraulic kit (over the frame or through the frame), put the deck lift on a seperate circuit (speed up your front angle ports) or connect to the Aux-Hyd.com rear hydraulic kit (order seperately).

To keep costs down the control valve and OEM levers are refurbished. The balance of the parts are brand-new and made from only the best materials. All parts necessary for a complete installation are included. Even the little lever link pins.

Everything is powder coated or plated except for the control valve. It is painted.

Kit includes full color instructions.

Note: This kit is shipped with the parts necessary to connect the third control to the mower deck lift thus eliminating the need for a lockout valve. If rear auxiliary connection is desired, also order the rear auxiliary kit.

Please select your tractor model and serial number from the drop down box. The 318 kit costs more because there are more parts to make.

I build the H3 kits to order in a batch production fashion. It usually takes 5 business days before I get all the parts for a particular kit through all the processes necessary.