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140-317 Mower Deck Lockout Valve

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Part Number: 317MLO
Availability: Made to Order

This new hydraulic lockout kit is made for the early John Deere Garden Tractors, models 140, 300, 312, 314, 316K and 317.  You need this lockout because one of your front hydraulic circuits is connected to the mower deck lift. This means that everytime you dump your Johnny Bucket or angle your snow blade, the deck cylinder must go full stroke before solid movement occurs at those implements. This is about a 2 second delay on most tractors. There is a mechanical lockout available but the cylinder still moves. This valve turns off pressure to the valve so all the hydraulic force can go immediately to the blade angle or bucket dump. This kit is complete with all parts to install. Nothing else to buy. This kit also comes with full color detailed installation instructions.

How productive can you be if every time you pull that lever you must wait for the deck cylinder to go full stroke before you can get back to the work at hand?

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