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4X5 and X-Series Quarter Turn Lockout Valve

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This lockout valve fits all years of the X465 - X700 (AM134625) AND 425, 445, 455 (AM118213) John Deere Garden Tractors. It provides positive shutoff to the rear lift hydraulic cylinder. This is necessary if another cylinder shares the same circuit on the control valve. It is common to use this valve on tractors primarily using the two front hydraulic circuits or tractors with rear auxiliary hydraulic kit. All parts needed for installation are included.

This valve is not recommended for use in front end loader lift cylinder applications. The load check pressure can exceed pressure rating of the valve. If your loader lift is connected to your rear/deck lift then your loader is hooked up WRONG. Besides, you need the float feature with the loader lift and that is on the other circuit!

· John Deere 425, 445, 455, X465, X475, X485, X495, X585, X595, and UP!
OEM Part Number: AM134625 - OEM Price: $109.82 USD
OEM Part Number: AM118213 - OEM Price: $113.56 USD
· OEM TYPE: 6 turns OFF to ON
· Aux-Hyd TYPE: 1/4 turn OFF to ON

There are three pressures in a given hydraulic system: load, pump, and return. Load pressure is different from the pump pressure due to a little load lock check valve embedded in the hydraulic control valve. This load lock valve is there to prevent drop of a partially lifted load when the control valve lift pressure is reapplied. The load is partially lifted stopped then the operator continues up. Without the load lock check valve the load would drop a little before starting back up. The drop before starting up is an undesirable condition and is solved by adding that load lock check valve in the control valve body. This check valve creates another situation however. External forces acting on the hydraulic system are trapped by the check valve. There is no pressure relief valve. It's way back at the pump. The lockout valve is trapped in that part of the hydraulic circuit and is exposed to pressure exerted by those external forces. Those external forces can cause load pressure spikes two to three times higher than pump pressure. External forces are described as bouncing loads and scooping up loads.

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