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Bracket To Guard Tail Lights Against Breakage 415 425 445 455

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So, you go out and buy some brand new tail lights for your John Deere 415 425 445 455, then put your tractor to work with its shiny new tail lights.  At the end of the day, you walk away tired and ready for a meal.  As you walk away, you turn back to admire your tractor with its shiny new tail lights, and are shocked to see one of them is already busted and hanging by the wire.  What do you do?  Here is my solution to this problem. 

These steel guards / brackets hold the tail lights in place, and surround them to protect them from damage.  They closely follow the shape of the inside of the fender deck.  They are powder coated John Deere green to ensure they are tough, long lasting and durable.

Mounting bolts are included.  During install you will need to drill two 5/16" holes in the tail lights at two dimples originally molded in the part by the manufacturer.  Retaining nuts are already installed for you.

Note: the fender deck does not need to be removed to install these brackets.  The housing shown in the second photo is for demo purposes only.  You can find the complete set of tail lights with guards (minus wiring harness) here.

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