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Complete O-Ring Kit + Tool for John Deere 415 425 445 455 L & G Tractors

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Nice kit which includes all the O-Rings (35) used on 415, 425, 445, and 455 John Deere Garden Tractors hydraulic system. See list below showing completeness. This kit does not include O-Rings used internally in the hydrostat, steering control valve, selective control valve, and etc. This kit does include all O-Rings used on lines, hoses, fittings, external selective control valve, external steering control valve, and etc. Kit also includes nice O-Ring Tool, Reusable Case, and Guide as shown in pictures and below.  AuxHyd letters or numbers refer to the slot where the o-rings are located in the case.  The key is updated to correspond to the letters or numbers used on the case (will vary depending on what is available).

415 - 455 O-Ring Kit Contents
(35 O-Rings + O-Ring Tool and Case)

SCV, Selective Control Valve

4 Female coupler orings - AuxHyd #C
4 Mounting side female coupler o-rings, 
                #8 boss oring - AuxHyd  #G
4 Side opposite of couplers orings, #8 boss o-ring - AuxHyd  #G
1 Side opposite of couplers, to rockshaft cyl tube o-ring, 
                #6 FF oring - AuxHyd #B
1 Side opposite of couplers,  elbo fitting to rockshaft cyl tube, 
                #6 FF oring - AuxHyd #B
2 Fittings to SCV, in and out of SCV, #6 boss o-ring - AuxHyd #F
2 Fittings to lines, in and out of SCV, #6 FF o-ring - AuxHyd #B

Power Steering Cylinder
2 Hose to steering cylinder orings, #4 boss o-ring - AuxHyd #E
1 Hose to steering cylinder fitting o-ring, 
                #4 FF o-ring - AuxHyd #A

Power Steering Control Valve
5 Pump to lines, #6 flange o-rings - AuxHyd #D

Radiator Oil Cooler
4 Radiator to fitting and to lines, #6 FF o-rings - AuxHyd #B

Rear Rockshaft Cylinder
2 cylinder to hose o-ring, #4 boss o-ring - AuxHyd #E

Hydrostat Charge Pump 
2 Hydrostat to fitting, #6 boss o-ring - AuxHyd #F
2 Fitting to line, #6 FF o-ring - AuxHyd #B

O-Ring Tool

O-Ring Reusable Case

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