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Flip Top Seat Suspension for John Deere 318, 322, 332, 420, 430

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Part Number: FTSS
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09/19/20:  We will begin production of the seat suspension in November, with shipping beginning in December.

Please make sure you've provided a valid telephone number, as that is necessary for the FedEx shipping document.

We learned how we wanted to make our deluxe seat suspension by rebuilding originals which were offered as an option on John Deere 318, 322, 332, 420 and 430 garden tractors. We tore those used suspensions down, cleaned them, then looked closely at where they wear and why they break. We designed our new deluxe suspension seat with those problems in mind.

Our new Deluxe Seat Suspension looks close to the original, but has important improvements.  We believe our deluxe seat suspension will give you a better ride and last longer than the original!  John Deere part # AM105074.

1. Support rods increased from 3/8" to 1/2" making the whole system stronger.

2. Grease zerks added at each pivot, four total which substantially increases life expectancy.

3. Seat mounts 1" back from original allowing for more leg and belly room. (1/2" at the bottom slide and 1/2" at the top slide)

4. Flip plate is open in the center allowing clearance for aftermarket seats that are not flat on the bottom.

5. Flip plate folded on outside edges making it stronger.

6. Larger bottom limit bumpers to dramatically change suspension characteristics.

7. Supplied low profile seat mounting bolts.

Every New Deluxe Seat Suspension is:


1. MIG and TIG welded in a production style fixture to maintain correct symmetry.

2. Etched in a phosphoric acid bath leaving a rust inhibiting iron phosphate coating.

3. Cooked in a dry oven at 400 degrees.

4. Finished with a heavy blitz black powder coating.

5. Cooked again at 400 degrees to cure the coating.

6. Injected with automotive bearing grease at the pivot points.

We use Genuine John Deere tension springs!



This seat suspension, like the original, has open moving parts. It is possible to injure yourself or someone else if hands are inserted into the seat suspension while it is moving up or down. An operator bouncing up and down on the seat suspension while others are in very close proximity is the most likely scenario for injury.  This device has a scissor action while operating, and could cause loss of a finger or hand if finger or hand is extended into the active mechanism.



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