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Heavy Duty Mule Drive Cover with Knob and Adjustment Stud

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Your Price: $95.00
Part Number: HDCK
Availability: Made to Order

This HEAVY DUTY mule drive guard / cover replaces the flimsy original part on the John Deere FRONT DRAFT ARM AND MOUNTING BRACKET # AM106629. The John Deere part number for the guard / cover is: M153375 or M42307. 

This item features:

·        CNC Plasma Cut 11 Ga Cold Rolled Steel.

·        Bare Metal Pretreated For Tight Coating Adhesion.

·        Epoxy Primer Base Coat, Heat Cured @400 Degrees For Extended Corrosion Protection. 

·        UV Resistant Semigloss Black Powder Top Coat Heat Cured @400 Degrees For A Tough Long Lasting Finish.

·        New Thread Forming Mounting Screws. 


Customers tell me their original zinc plated stud rusts to the adjustment yoke over time. They say it is especially noticeable when an old belt is replaced and the mule tension needs to be adjusted all the way out to install the new belt.  They say many times they tear the adjustment knob off trying to force the stud to the other end of its thread. My solution to this problem is a 304 Stainless Steel adjustment stud. 

The assembly consists of a new John Deere mule drive knob, new 304 Stainless Steel adjustment stud, and new jam nut.