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High Flow Hoses For John Deere 430 Power Steering

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Recently, I blew a power steering hose on my garden tractor only to find I had no fittings to make a new one. I have sold hundreds of these hoses over the past several years and was all out of hose ends! The original hoses are made from 1/4" ID hydraulic hose. 

So I started digging. I found I had the correct fittings for the larger 3/8" hose so I made two new hoses. After installation, it was back to mowing. I fired up and headed back to the yard. To my surprise, the steering worked better than ever. The tractor was easier to turn and responded quicker!

Well, I had to understand what was going on and started thinking about how the steering worked. I began to surmise that the hydraulic steering on these tractors is really a low pressure high flow system. Doesn't take much pressure to turn the wheels but the fluid must flow quickly for the steering to be responsive. I looked at the difference in the hose ends between 1/4" and 3/8" realized the 3/8" hose end is way bigger than the 1/4" hose end. So much bigger that it makes a significant difference in the performance of the tractor.

Well this I need to share!  So, I make these hoses available here at price only slightly more than the 1/4" hoses sold previously. The difference is so significant, I no longer offer the original size hoses.

This is for two hose assemblies which replace both power steering hoses on your John Deere 430 Garden Tractor.  Will also fit some 420, depending on your serial number.