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High Flow Power Steering Hoses For John Deere 318 322 332

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Recently, I blew a power steering hose on my 318 only to find I had no fittings to make a new one.  I have sold hundreds of these hoses over the past several years and was all out of hose ends!  The original hoses are made from 1/4" ID hydraulic hose.  The end that screws into the steering cylinder is pretty special and has a long lead time.

So, I started digging.  I found I had the correct fittings for the larger 3/8" hose, so I made two new hoses.  After installation, it was back to mowing.  I fired up and headed back to the yard.  To my surprise, the steering worked better than ever.  The tractor was easier to turn and responded quicker!

Well, I had to understand what was going on and started thinking about how the steering worked.  I began to surmise that the hydraulic steering on these tractors is really a low pressure high flow system.  Doesn't take much pressure to turn the wheels, but the fluid must flow quickly for the steering to be responsive.  I looked at the difference in the hose ends between 1/4" and 3/8" and realized the 3/8" hose end is way bigger than the 1/4" hose end.  So much bigger that it makes a significant difference in the performance of the tractor.  The difference is so significant, I no longer offer the original size hoses.

This is for 
TWO hose assemblies.

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