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John Deere 140 Rear Hydraulic Kit

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Part Number: 140RHK
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We think everyone should have a rear hydraulic kit for their tractor so we went back, reviewed the design, then bought parts in high volume so we could drop the price and make this kit available to as many owners as possible.

This rear hydraulic kit fits all years of 140 John Deere Garden Tractor. It provides hydraulic ports to the rear of the tractor. The 140 has two large holes in the rear of the fender deck to the right of the PTO notch. With this kit the hydraulic couplers are mounted through those holes for easy access when connecting and disconnecting rear mounted hydraulic implements. This kit is an absolute must if you have or desire a 3 point hitch. A growing number of customers are mounting these kits on both the left and right rear of their tractors. It is brand-new and made from only the best materials. It is also fully compatible with the rear OEM PTO kit and rear lift kit.

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