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10/13/20:  Anticipated lead time is 2 weeks.

NOTE:  This kit will ship via FedEx.  Please select FedEx when checking out for the correct shipping cost, and make sure to have a valid phone number for the shipping document.

No other single upgrade will make your tractor more useful than the Auxiliary Hydraulics 4X5 H3 kit. Our kit upgrades your tractor by adding a fully integrated third function control circuit. 

The Problem:  Three functions, two levers.
The 415, 425, 445, and 455 John Deere Garden Tractors came from the factory with three hydraulic functions (front right, front left, and rear rockshaft), but only two control levers located to the right of the steering wheel. This means two of the three functions named above are controlled by a single lever. These two functions are the yellow/silver circuit of the SCV (Selective Control Valve) and the rear rockshaft cylinder and therefore will move in unison when the lever is pulled or pushed. As an attempt to improve functionality, John Deere originally supplied an optional lockout valve to help isolate the rear rockshaft.  It is located just behind the SCV in the yellow/silver circuit.  

Our Solution:  Three functions, three levers.
The Auxiliary Hydraulics 4X5 H3 kit, when installed yields complete control over those three functions mentioned above. The OEM levers by the steering lever now only control the two hydraulic circuits at the SCV and the new lever just to the right of the operator’s seat controls the rear rockshaft cylinder.

NOTE:  The 445 tractor has a frame mounted fuel filter which must be relocated to install this kit.

See photos and video above.  Select toolbox option and model from the drop down menus above.

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