Rebuild Service Deere 314 316 317 318 322 332 Hydro Check Valve
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This listing is a REBUILD SERVICE for ONE check valve. 
If you want more than one, just select quantity when you buy.

If your hydrostat check valve is bad, then you need to send it to me to be rebuilt. Some folks just buy used valves. I'm scratching my head trying to understand why someone would spend more for 30 year old used valves. I can't. Therefore, we rebuild them.  

This is for a rebuild service for ONE hydrostat check valve used on 
140 (late) 300 312 314 316 317 318 322 332 John Deere Garden Tractors. John Deere part number is AM32939. 

You send them to me, I run them through my process described below, then I send them back to you.
Our process:
Using proprietary tools, we open the used check valve. 
We disassemble the valve and clean it using electrolysis, phosphoric acid, and detergent. 
We inspect the body and plunger and correct defects. 
Using American Lap tools we lap the plunger bore and ball seat. Click To See Video!
We polish or replace the check ball as necessary.  
We reassemble the valve using a new spring and plunger oring. 
Using proprietary tools, we close the check valve assembly.
We assemble new orings onto the valve body and test for open and shut functions. 

We do a final cleaning and paint the exposed portion of the check valve with a bronze rust inhibitor coating.

To get the ball rolling, select quantity, and add to cart. Our mailing address can be found on the Terms and Conditions page. Mail the valves to us. We recommend USPS First Class Mail, it's cheaper. When we receive them, we will send you a confirmation message. We will then rebuild your valves, and send them back to you within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

Again, this is for rebuild service for ONE valve. If you want more, just select quantity and add to cart.

Any questions? Just send us a message, or feel free to call us.

AM32939 fits the following machines.
120 Lawn and Garden Tractor  
140 (30001- ) Lawn and Garden Tractor
300 and 316 ( -95000) Lawn and Garden Tractors 
312 and 314 Lawn and Garden Tractors
317 Hydrostatic Tractor 
316 (285001-) Hydrostatic Tractor 
330 Lawn and Garden Tractor
318 Lawn and Garden Tractor
322 Lawn and Garden Tractor 
332 Lawn and Garden Tractor
420 Lawn and Garden Tractor
430 Lawn and Garden Tractor
F910 Front Mower
F911 Front Mower
F912 Front Mowers 
F915 Front Mower
F925 Front Mower
F930 Front Mower
F932 Front Mowers
F935 Front Mower
1800 Utility Vehicle

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Rebuild Service Deere 314 316 317 318 322 332 Hydro Check Valve

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